Session 11: Contacting Edith

Seperated from their fellows, Nuallan, Meilyr and Faelan sneak across the nightly fields to the villa. Avoiding a patrol with a leashed bear, they manage to speak to a group of elven slaves. Their leader, Robartes, contacts Edith, who appears to Nuallan in a dream the following night. She says:

“Nuallan ? I am overjoyed to hear that you and your companions are taking up the mantle of the Red Hand. Our people need hope ? hope that someone will stand up to the Empire and restore our lands to the Elves. I will aid you in any way I can.

Beware of coming to Caetterick – there are soldiers everywhere and there are rumours of an elven spy sent out to find traitors in our midst who will betray you. I can contact you in your dreams – and Robartes can pass on your messages to me. He can also help you find things you may need – but remember to give them something in return. The more you help the local elves, the more likely they will be to support our cause.

First, you need to find a secure shelter for you and your companions. The Red Hand said they had found a cave at the source of the Caed River, but it was inhabited by Ogrekin. Maybe you can drive them out.

Also, there is an old elven Woodhenge in the hills to the west of the road between Bogbridge and Caetterick – the Red Hand had found it, but they said it was haunted by evil spirits. Woodhenges help with druidic magic … it would be very helpful if you were able to access it …

Good luck in your ventures. You can trust Robartes to pass messages to me. Stay in touch!"

Our heroes decide to follow the river north, in search of the cave.



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