Session 15: Iago would join thee

The Wolfsheads ambush a group of ditch-digging elves to free the half-elven fighter Iago who has offered (through Edith) to join their group. Aside from three spearmen and an overseer with an axe, they also have to overcome a group of traitorous half-elves led by Sudek, who appeared to have turned sides and infiltrated the elves at the villa outside Caetterick.

Axeman – Lv2 human fighter 200
Sudek – human rogue2 200
Half-elven traitors F1 (2) 135
Spearmen F1 (3)

1075 / 6 = 180 each

New totals:
Brennain, Lagrozan, Nuallan, Tangwystl: 1903
Faelan: 1117
Iago: 180



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