Session 16: Back to the (Bear) Cave

The Wolfsheads march back to their cave the way they came. On the Bogbridge road, they attempt to ambush an army courier but fail to stop him. Later, they observe a Wyvern circling over the Keira Hills but evade it by hiding under the root of a tree. Just as they return to their cave, they are attacked by a pair of black bears, who pay no heed to Nuallan’s attempts at pacification and attack. The Wolfsheads are severely wounded but prevail. Their next goal will be the old Woodhenge somewhere in the Keira Hills.

Black bears (2): 2 × 800 = 1600 / 6 = 267 XP each

New Totals
Brennain, Lagrozan, Nuallan, Tangwystl: 2170 → LV 2
Faelan: 1384
Iago: 447



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