Session 18: Death and Despair

The Wolfsheads defeat eight of the skeletons, who, at the command of a low, droning voice, turn and flee when half of their number are slain.

Emboldened, they press on and examine the outer perimeter of a 200’-wide stone circle, the inside of which appears shadowy and dark. When Brennain enters, disaster strikes: A shadow ghoul surprises the rogue, and brings him down. His companions enter the circle to save him, but are in turn beset by shadow ghouls and skeletons. Brennain is saved, but Iago and Tangwystl succumb to the forces of darkness.

The remaining four withdraw, but the Skeletons catch up with Nuallan and devour her as well. Only Lagrozan with the badly wounded Faelan and Brennain come away alive.

5 Skeletons @ 135 = 675
3 Skeletons @ 165 = 495

= 1170/6 = 195 XP for each survivor.

2 Skeletons @ 135 = 270

= 270/4 = 68 XP for each survivor.

New totals
Brennain: 2433
Faelan: 1647
Lagrozan: 2433

Loot: None (all magic items lost).



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