Sessions 19-22: Battle for Woodhenge

With repeated assaults, the Wolfsheads defeat the guardians of the Woodhenge, a ghoulish druid and his followers. Once inside the circle, Milisandia discovers that the Henge functions as a portal to the Otherworld, allowing travel to similar Henges elsewhere in the Shady Dales. They also allow the casting of druidic spells at maximum efficiency.

**Ghastly Druid: 1800
3 Ghasts (a 600): 1800
5 Skellies (a 135): 675
Total of 713 XP each
Bonus XP: 250 each

Grand total: 963 XP each.

Brennain and Lagrozan: 3396 Xp
Faelan: 2610 Xp (Level 2 now; 7HP gained)
Others: 963 Xp

Leather Armour +1
Laurels of Protection +2 (AC and all saves)
2 Potions of Healing
1 Potion of Invisibility
Gold Torque (500 GP)

New Characters

New Chars

  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 11 + 3 = 14
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 12 + 3 = 15
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 12 + 3 = 15
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 8 + 3 = 11
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 8 + 3 = 11
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 12 + 3 = 15
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 11 + 3 = 14
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 12 + 3 = 15
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 7 + 3 = 10
  • Jig rolls: 3d5+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
  • Olf rolls: 3d5+3 => 7 + 3 = 10
  • Olf rolls: 3d5+3 => 9 + 3 = 12
  • Olf rolls: 3d5+3 => 9 + 3 = 12
  • Olf rolls: 3d5+3 => 7 + 3 = 10
  • Olf rolls: 3d5+3 => 5 + 3 = 8
  • Olf rolls: 3d5+3 => 8 + 3 = 11
Session 18: Death and Despair

The Wolfsheads defeat eight of the skeletons, who, at the command of a low, droning voice, turn and flee when half of their number are slain.

Emboldened, they press on and examine the outer perimeter of a 200’-wide stone circle, the inside of which appears shadowy and dark. When Brennain enters, disaster strikes: A shadow ghoul surprises the rogue, and brings him down. His companions enter the circle to save him, but are in turn beset by shadow ghouls and skeletons. Brennain is saved, but Iago and Tangwystl succumb to the forces of darkness.

The remaining four withdraw, but the Skeletons catch up with Nuallan and devour her as well. Only Lagrozan with the badly wounded Faelan and Brennain come away alive.

5 Skeletons @ 135 = 675
3 Skeletons @ 165 = 495

= 1170/6 = 195 XP for each survivor.

2 Skeletons @ 135 = 270

= 270/4 = 68 XP for each survivor.

New totals
Brennain: 2433
Faelan: 1647
Lagrozan: 2433

Loot: None (all magic items lost).

Session 17: Woodhenge

The Wolfsheads set out west to try and discover the Woodhenge. On the way, they rest in the woods of the western Keira Hills and are beset by wolves in the early morning hours. Fortunately, the fire and a few rations keep the beasts at bay. Speaking with the animals, Nuallan learns about Herwig, a druid living alone in these hills. When they seek him out, he tells them the location of the Henge but warnsthem against the creatures that guard it. He provides Nuallan with an amulet of protection and six magic arrows.

When the Wolfsheads approach the Henge, they are beset by hordes of skeletons …

(to be continued)

Session 16: Back to the (Bear) Cave

The Wolfsheads march back to their cave the way they came. On the Bogbridge road, they attempt to ambush an army courier but fail to stop him. Later, they observe a Wyvern circling over the Keira Hills but evade it by hiding under the root of a tree. Just as they return to their cave, they are attacked by a pair of black bears, who pay no heed to Nuallan’s attempts at pacification and attack. The Wolfsheads are severely wounded but prevail. Their next goal will be the old Woodhenge somewhere in the Keira Hills.

Black bears (2): 2 × 800 = 1600 / 6 = 267 XP each

New Totals
Brennain, Lagrozan, Nuallan, Tangwystl: 2170 → LV 2
Faelan: 1384
Iago: 447

Session 15: Iago would join thee

The Wolfsheads ambush a group of ditch-digging elves to free the half-elven fighter Iago who has offered (through Edith) to join their group. Aside from three spearmen and an overseer with an axe, they also have to overcome a group of traitorous half-elves led by Sudek, who appeared to have turned sides and infiltrated the elves at the villa outside Caetterick.

Axeman – Lv2 human fighter 200
Sudek – human rogue2 200
Half-elven traitors F1 (2) 135
Spearmen F1 (3)

1075 / 6 = 180 each

New totals:
Brennain, Lagrozan, Nuallan, Tangwystl: 1903
Faelan: 1117
Iago: 180

Session 14: A cave of our own

The Wolfsheads take on the remaining Ogre-Kin inhabiting the cave at the mouth of the river Caed. After much bloody combat on the stairs, they overcome and slaughter them all. Their leader, a spellcaster, was carrying a magical staff+1.

In an attempt to explore a waterlogged part of the grotto, Meilyr is engulfed by the slimy tentacles of a water-creature and dragged to his grave.

Other loot: 30 man-days of food (roast meat), a tower shield, waterskin, a belt with pouch, containing 35 SP, many javelins, 2 shortswords, 2 shields (the chainmail shirt was lost with Meilyr)

Ogre-kin hunting party (2 Warrior, 3 Young): 2×170 + 3×135 = 745 XP
Ambush in Grotto (1 Warrior, 2 Young): 170 + 2×135 =440 XP
Final Encounter (1 Leader, 2 Warriors, 3 Young):210 + 2×170 + 3×135 = 955
New XP Totals (2140:6 = 357 XP each)

I’ve also come up with a plan for how to handle “milestone” bonus XP – every milestone is worth 5% of the XP required to reach the next highest level (for the highest-level party members), which is to say 100 XP for 2nd, 250 XP for 3rd.

Since last reckoning, you reached two milestones:
Bonus XP for contacting Edith and taking up the mantle of the Red Hand: 100 XP each
Bonus XP for clearing out a hiding place: 100 XP each

You’ll also get an adjustment for the first milestone, the jail-break ( I gave you 100 XP in total, but meant to give each 100XP): 84 XP

New Bonus XP Totals (284 XP each, 200 XP for Faelan, who wasn’t there for the Jail-Break)

Tangwystl: 1081 + 357 + 284 = 1723 XP
Lagrozan: 1081 + 357 + 284 = 1723 XP
Brennain: 1081 + 357 + 284= 1723 XP
Nuallan: 1081 + 357 + 284 = 1723 XP
Faelan: 380 + 357 + 200 = 937 XP

Session 13: Into the Cave

The Wolfsheads enter the cave in pursuit of the Ogre-kin.

Inside, they find a kind of grotto, following the river deeper into the rock. Crossing the river, Nuallan is ambushed by four Ogre-kin and their spellcasting leader, who curses Lagrozan and Meilyr.

When his warriors are slain, he flees down a narrow staircase and the heroes pursue him – into yet another encounter with a group of four Ogre-kin who defend the bottom of the stairs.

Session 12: Up the River

After a nightly visit to a plantation outside Caetterick, the heroes decide to follow a hint from Edith to find a cave the Red Hand had found at the source of the River Caed.

They follow the river westward, along a step slope of densely wooded hills. At noon, they reached the willow dale where they recovered the cache of the red hand. Further up the mountain, they run into a patrol of Ogre-kin, five of which are killed, with one fleeing back to a cave entrance.

Session 11: Contacting Edith

Seperated from their fellows, Nuallan, Meilyr and Faelan sneak across the nightly fields to the villa. Avoiding a patrol with a leashed bear, they manage to speak to a group of elven slaves. Their leader, Robartes, contacts Edith, who appears to Nuallan in a dream the following night. She says:

“Nuallan ? I am overjoyed to hear that you and your companions are taking up the mantle of the Red Hand. Our people need hope ? hope that someone will stand up to the Empire and restore our lands to the Elves. I will aid you in any way I can.

Beware of coming to Caetterick – there are soldiers everywhere and there are rumours of an elven spy sent out to find traitors in our midst who will betray you. I can contact you in your dreams – and Robartes can pass on your messages to me. He can also help you find things you may need – but remember to give them something in return. The more you help the local elves, the more likely they will be to support our cause.

First, you need to find a secure shelter for you and your companions. The Red Hand said they had found a cave at the source of the Caed River, but it was inhabited by Ogrekin. Maybe you can drive them out.

Also, there is an old elven Woodhenge in the hills to the west of the road between Bogbridge and Caetterick – the Red Hand had found it, but they said it was haunted by evil spirits. Woodhenges help with druidic magic … it would be very helpful if you were able to access it …

Good luck in your ventures. You can trust Robartes to pass messages to me. Stay in touch!"

Our heroes decide to follow the river north, in search of the cave.


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