Characters Rolled

On Sunday, August 19th we rolled up the following characters.


Bee1 16, 10, 14, 14, 12, 11
Bee2 12, 13, 13, 12, 12, 16
Bee3 10, 08, 09, 11, 15, 12

Olf1 14, 13, 14, 10, 10, 16
Olf2 17, 12, 12, 15, 14, 11
Olf3 11, 11, 08, 08, 16, 12

Jig1 16, 11, 09, 07, 16, 11
Jig2 12, 11, 11, 12, 14, 15
Jig3 12, 17, 11, 11, 12, 12

Next Session

Next Session on the 9th of September @ 800CET/15JST

Characters Finalised

Here are the links to all PC charsheets on DnDSheets.


MapTool Hosting 16.09.

Jig Hosting at:

MapTool Hosting Jig 23.09. and onward

I probably got no-ip to work, so please connect to this hostname in future sessions:
=> keepoftruth.no-ip.org:51234


Session 1: Jailbreak

Yesterday, our heroes found themselves in Kingsbay jail, waiting for their trial. Inside, they met the half-elven rogue Sudek and the grievously injured wild elf warrior Grim Gerald. Together with them, they overwhelmed the guards and fought their way out and are now on the run in nightly Kingsbay. Their goal is to make it south to the river-harbour, about a kilometer from where they are.

Kills / XP
Spearman37 and 71 (light guards), knocked out by Tangwystl’s Color spray and killed by Sudek and Meilyr – 2 × 100 XP
Spearman93, (light guard) stabbed twice by Kaven – 100 XP
Human drunkard, stabbed by Breannain – 0 XP
Spearman 60 (light guard) ,stabbed by Breannain and burnt dead by Lagrozan – 100 XP
Spearman 12 (light guard) , cut down by Meilyr – 100 XP
Spearman 96(light guard) , stabbed twice by Brannain – 100 XP
Halberdier84 (senior town guard), speared heftily by Kaven and downed by Meilyr’s sword – 400 XP
Halberdier 35 (town guard), slashed dead by Kaven – 200 XP
Escaping the Jail: 200 XP bonus

Total: 1400 XP, by 7 combatants > 200 XP per PC

Treasure and Equipment
Breannain: Shortsword, dagger, lantern
Kaven: Chain mail (carried), dagger, shortspear
Lagrozan: Shortsword, dagger
Meilyr: Shortsword, shortspear, leather armor (worn), woolen blanket
Nuallan: shortspear
Sudek: Shortsword, leather armor (worn), woolen blanket, leather bag
Tangwystl: nothing

Session 2: Leaving Kingsbay

Our heroes flee south through the Craftsmen’s District, evading or overwhelming town guards, mounted paladins and squads of legionaries.

They hijack a carriage of ale from a group of drunken dwarves and cart to the southern gate … where the troops of the empire are searching all who come and go. Standing in line, they ponder how to get out …

Kills / XP
Halberdier (town guard), color sprayed by Tangwystl and stabbed by Nuallan – 200 XP
Halberdier (senior town guard), speared and cut down by Breannain and Meilyr – 400 XP

Total: 600 XP, by 6 combatants > 100 XP per PC

Breannain: A hooded leather cape and a belt pouch with 12 sp and a flint and steel, lantern
Tangwystl: Shortspear from the guard, a handaxe and a silver amulet from a sleeping dwarf

Session 3: Escape by Boat

Riding on their hijacked carriage, our heroes cruise through Kingsbay and finally make it to the fisherman’s harbour. They stack beer-barrels to climb the city walls and escape under fire from two crossbowmen to a fisherman’s barge. Grim Gerald stays behind to cover their escape, his spirit broken after the arrest of Red Hand sorceress Zenra. Sudek is left behind as there are only six seats on the boat. Their next destination are the Keira Hills, where they are looking for a Red Hand equipment cache in the trunk of a dead willow tree.

Escaping to the Barge: 100 XP for each survivor

New total XP per PC: 400 (next level at 2000)

On the boat, the heroes find two sacks, a blanket, a rope, a small keg of water, a pole (quarterstaff) for punting.

Session 4: Down the River

The Wolfsheads row their river barge down the Conwy, pursued by a cavalry detachment from Kingsbay. They stop at a snake-infested island where Nuallan, Lagrozan and Brennain get some rest while the others stand guard. At night, they continue their journey and, after trading for some eels, beach their craft and flee into a stretch of forest between Caetterick and Alderley. Two huge bonfires further down the river at Alderley Ferry remind them that the hunt is still on …

No XP or loot (except for the fish, traded for the dwarven amulet).

Session 5: In the forest

Leaving the river behind, the wolfsheads proceed on the road towards Caetterick. They are ambushed by a mounted patrol of rangers but beat back the attackers, leaving two of them dead. The other two flee to alert the nearby towns while our heroes flee south into Alderley forest. They find a place to rest but are found the next afternoon by hordes of pursuers combing the woods. Driven to the Alderley Heights, the heroes wind up at the bottom of a deep ravine – will they be able to climb to safety?

Ranger troop leader, speared by Meilyr – 400 XP
Mounted ranger, slain by Kaven and Lagrozan – 200 XP

Total: 100 XP each, for a new total of 500 XP per character.

Studded leather (now Meilyr’s, his leather goes to Brennain), a longsword (Meilyr), 47 pieces of silver, a waterskin and a packet of bandages (all to Tangwystl).


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