A Short History of the Shady Dales

Our bards dare only whisper the stories of the Old Days, when all what Men now call the Shady Dales were woodland, home to us Elves, and when the Dwarves dug their Clanholds only on the rocky peaks. Our forebears roamed free, hunting, living off the land. Dwarf and Elf met as equals in trade. We fought together, and kept the Ogre-kin at bay.

But the Dwarf Lords were insatiable. Armed in iron they drove the Ogre-kin off every hillside, to dig up more ore and fell more trees to feed their furnaces, for yet more gold, more iron, and more slaughter. And that was why we came to oppose and fight them.

I won’t lie: Not all our deeds were noble, not all our causes just. The Drow unleashed their sorcerous fury, and the Old Gods sang frenzy in our warriors’ ears. Many died on either side and to this day, the hillsides are riddled with empty mines and the forests strewn with the bones of the fallen. But we fought to defend our very way of life, our freedom. And we lost.

In the end, it was the Dwarves who asked – asked! – for Men to come to these shores, and help restore their power. And Men came, and they conquered. And both Dwarf and Elf have been living in the High King’s shadow ever since.

A Short History of the Shady Dales

Wolfshead Yorunkun