Common Arms and Armor

As the traditional miners and smiths of the Dales, the Dwarves wear heavy metal armor, often chain or plate. Their preferred weapons are axes and hammers, though most Dwarves also carry daggers. With the coming of the humans, the Dwarves have been made to provide metal and armaments for the High King.

The traditional weapon of the Elven warriors are spears and bows. Their skill with the bow is legendary. With metal scarce and usually worked by Dwarves, swords are held in high regard but unobtainable for most. Daggers are more common, though. Their armor is light and generally made from leather, relying their superior agility and stealth. It is rumored that some Elven warriors have developed an arcane talent (see feats) that protects them even when not armored (mage armor, in game terms).

These dumb brutes will use any weapon they can get their hands on, which frequently means clubs of all shapes and sizes. They have been known to fashion crude armor from hides and use shields captured in battle. Some are able slingers.

The heavy infantry of the High King is clad in mail, with a large shield, spear and short- or longsword, depending on rank. However, many troops, especially when not readied for battle, are clad only in (sometimes studded) leather; guards often wield halberds. Their ranged weapon of choice is the crossbow.

The legates generally wear ornate breastplates and wield heavy maces, which are also symbols of their authority. The Paladins are the High Kings mounted elite forces and use plate armor, lance and swords that can be wielded one- or two-handed.

Martial weapons and armor are generally illegal and difficult to obtain for commoners. However, most people own knives, daggers and hand-axes, and the quarterstaff (or, where available, the spear) are the weapon of choice for those seeking to defend themselves. Archery, while illegal, is still secretly practiced by Elves, many of whom seem to have an inborn knack with this kind of weapon.

Because of the long and cold winters in the Dales, everybody owns heavy, padded clothing with fur being especially prized.

Common Arms and Armor

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