All language rules are changed. Instead of starting languages and the linguistics skill, characters gain language points equal to their intelligence score. When the character is created, players can spend these points on all known languages in the setting. Language skills do not change during play.

The available languages are Dwarven, Elven and Human as well as Ogre-kin. The number of points spent allows for the following language abilities:

1 point – knows a few words
2 points – broken, basic understanding
3 points – beginner, basic speaking
4 points – advanced, accented speaking
5 points – fluent
6 points – native

For one additional point, characters gain the ability to read, for one more point the ability to write in Dwarf or Human (other languages are spoken only). However, most Elves are illiterate.

All characters must spend 6 points in their native language (Elven) first. After that they can spend up to 6 points in Human, up to 5 points in Dwarven and up to 3 points in Ogre-kin. Most Elves know at least basic human, with many speaking it accented or better.


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