Sessions 19-22: Battle for Woodhenge

With repeated assaults, the Wolfsheads defeat the guardians of the Woodhenge, a ghoulish druid and his followers. Once inside the circle, Milisandia discovers that the Henge functions as a portal to the Otherworld, allowing travel to similar Henges elsewhere in the Shady Dales. They also allow the casting of druidic spells at maximum efficiency.

**Ghastly Druid: 1800
3 Ghasts (a 600): 1800
5 Skellies (a 135): 675
Total of 713 XP each
Bonus XP: 250 each

Grand total: 963 XP each.

Brennain and Lagrozan: 3396 Xp
Faelan: 2610 Xp (Level 2 now; 7HP gained)
Others: 963 Xp

Leather Armour +1
Laurels of Protection +2 (AC and all saves)
2 Potions of Healing
1 Potion of Invisibility
Gold Torque (500 GP)



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